100% Clean Energy for 100% of the People

To the average person, celebrities are seen as nothing more than a form of entertainment. However, some of your favorite celebrities might actually be instilling change for our country and the world. The Solutions Project is a grant based organization that was founded and lead by celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCaprio. This organization’s goal is to have one-hundred percent clean, renewable energy for one-hundred percent of the people. Through grant making and storytelling, The Solutions Project is able to invest in companies that will work together in achieving a common goal.

The Solutions Project made its way to The LAB Miami by member Rudi Navarra. Rudi is the Program Officer at the company and his role is to manage the day to day operations. He researches non-profit organizations and other entities that might advance the mission of the company as well as make recommendations to the board on which organizations to whom they should award grants. Not only does Rudi research and make recommendations, he also plays a key role in influencing his peers within the business to deepen their impact on creating a world with one-hundred percent clean energy. With the help of The Solutions Project, Rudi wishes to switch the narrative on culture by focusing the use of clean energy in low-income type neighborhoods and eventually the whole country.

One project that The Solutions Project has funded, allowed a small community in West Virginia to become significantly more sustainable by installing solar panels on their community center. With the solar panels in place, the town was able to release the financial burdens of paying electricity bills and instead used clean energy to power the building. Rudi explained that the success of this project completely captures the company’s mission- demonstrating that clean energy is obtainable and possible everywhere, even in remote places or small towns. Clean energy is a means to an end and solves many common problems faced today.

Through grant making and storytelling, The Solutions Project has successfully been able to fund projects all across the country that support a society with clean, renewable energy. The company, along with Rudi, believe that if a single person does not have access to clean energy, their goal is not met. The team at The Solutions Project are working hard everyday to provide clean energy for all and we’re excited to see what their future endeavors hold! If you want to read more about The Solutions Project and learn how to get involved click here.