Past events at the LAB

A two-hour introductory workshop open to all Miami Make Week challenge teams and the public on the concepts and techniques of Design Thinking, a framework for creatively solving challenges and will especially focus on prototyping.

Mr. McKelvey discusses innovative solutions to the tech talent shortage.

Pioneering our 1st ever kids community outreach program, BritWeek joins forces with tech giant Microsoft to inspire local kids from all backgrounds to learn to code. March 10th 2015

Blacktech Week is a week long cultural celebration that highlights cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurial innovation. 2015

01 Is An Education Lab That Fosters Agency And Creative Confidence In Students By Empowering Them To Shape Their Worlds Through Technology. 01 Programs Are Driven By A Spirit Of Play And Exploration. If You’re Not Having Fun, You’re Not Learning. February 2015.