Beyond the Seed Round: Scaling Intelligently Recap

On Monday, July 9th, The Lab Miami held Beyond the Seed Round: Scaling Intelligently, hosted by LAB Member, Kimonus Worldwide. The free event aimed to help startups, small businesses, and developing companies alike learn useful tactics to promote growth within their businesses and teams. Kimonus itself acts as a membership-based platform with multiple packages available for companies to organize their data, analytics, and communications through a shared team drive. Leading the talk were Ricardo Conte, an Italian-born entrepreneur based in technology, and Megan Conyers, a Miami-based strategist behind #FutureofWork.
The speeches given by Conte and Conyers were based around common themes associated with team building and company progression. Prioritization, discipline, and common goal alignment prove beneficial to to a growing team, whereas more “traditional” processes such as weekly staff meetings and prolonged end-plans can weigh a company down. Focus on outcomes and define what winning looks like, and stay transparent with your staff. By keeping everyone in the loop, there’s a lesser chance of mistakes via miscommunication, and it reinforces the culture needed for a team to develop further. Most importantly, delegation is key. Learn the strengths and interests of each individual employee and assign them tasks accordingly. This is not only beneficial to the company and the product or service being developed, but to the employee themselves, as it provides motivation for a successful outcome.

Victoria Hoppe