Brainfood with Alberto Perlman at The LAB Miami

On May 2nd The LAB Miami hosted its monthly speaker series, Brainfood, which invites prominent entrepreneurs to speak in an interview forum in front of LAB Members and the broader community. The past Brainfood featured Alberto Perlman, Founder and CEO of Zumba Fitness, a worldwide fitness craze and the largest branded fitness program in the world. The talk was moderated by Marco Giberti, the Founder and CEO of Vesuvio Ventures, at The LAB Miami in Wynwood.

Perlman began his career at a consulting firm before starting an incubator for Latin American companies. In 2001, his life would take a twist as he met a fitness instructor through a connection with his mother. The Colombian fitness instructor facilitated a class called “Rumba”, which was immediately appealing to Perlman, as he the lively dance music and enthusiastic crowed exemplified a new concept- exercise without sacrifice, Perlman felt destined to leave his current career and build upon this incredible fitness phenomenon. This powerful connection was the beginning of Zumba.

After receiving half a million dollars, the two men were introduced to someone in Ohio who helped them create an infomercial. Instantly, the company got significant traction, and people all over the world desired to become instructors themselves. This revelation, evolved into a new business model which would train individuals around the world to then teach their own Zumba courses.

Due to the sudden success, the duo created the monthly Zumba Instructor Program. The program exploded, increasing from 450 instructors initially to 15 million participants weekly. The company continues expanding, and now fosters a successful clothing brand, video games, and nutritional products.

By: David Benjamin | May 2, 2016