The Creators Lab Launch Party

On Thursday, May 19, 2016 Luis Valenzuela, founder of The Creators Lab Miami, hosted a launch event celebrating their official opening at The Lab Miami- featuring artwork from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) alumni as well as a panel discussion the affects of technology in the art and design industry.

The panel consisted of six speakers who shared their views on the affects of technology on their industries and how they’ve since adapted. One panelist, Lisa Simonsen, boutique director of TAGHeuer, spoke on the watch company’s adaptation to technology through the launch of their first luxury smart watch.

Another guest speaker, Susan Reyes, director of the Opera House of Miami, noted that technology enhanced her business making it much easier to reach a large number of people for marketing and promotion purposes as the Opera House celebrates its 75th anniversary in Miami.

The Creators Lab Miami, which operates out of The LAB Miami, is a platform dedicated to the exchange of creativity- providing creative workshops showcasing the use of creative technology such as 3-D printing. Learn more about The Creators Lab here! www.thecreatorslab.com

Luca Giberti and Claudio Wingartz | June 9, 2016