DARK DOG ORGANIC Energizes The LAB Miami

Fully stocked DARK DOG ORGANIC fridge located at The Lab Miami’s entrance.

Welcome to Miami, the city that keeps the roof blazing! Behind all that blazing are the entrepreneurs and movers that make the city what it is, and behind them is a whole lot of energy. So to keep those creative juices flowing we’ve partnered with DARK DOG ORGANIC, a USDA certified organic non-GMO energy drink.

Manufactured in Italy, the no. 1 country for organic ingredients in the world, DARK DOG has been around since 1995 and only recently came into the market in Miami, noticing that there weren’t really any viable energy drink options for health-conscious consumers.

The natural sugars in DARK DOG ORGANIC are extracted from two natural sources-organic cane sugar and organic coconut flower. Raw cane sugar is the farthest from refined and it has been proven to have a higher antioxidant capacity than the conventional sugars in energy drinks. Coconut flower sugar a large amount of health benefits including minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. It can also actually lower blood glucose levels!

The energy drink also contains seven vitamins that add up to 100 percent of the recommended daily value of B vitamins and vitamin C. The six B vitamins, included in the drink, provide energy, boost cell growth, physical performance, maintain nerve function and aid the digestive system. Vitamin C, well known for its powerful antioxidant properties, treats inflammation, hypertension and combat aging.

Caffeine in the energy drinks comes from Guarana, an exotic plant part of the maple family that is found in the Brazilian Amazons. “The crimson-colored plant has become famous for its high caffeine levels, more than double than that of a coffee bean”, said Valeria Vega, the Company’s Executive Assistant.

There are three flavors available: 50 Calories, which combines the light taste of elderberries with green tea, a citrusy Blood Orange and the Original, which blends mursalski tea, ginger, lemon and rosehip.

Currently, DARK DOG ORGANIC is a national brand sold from Amazon’s grocery department and the growing company is in the process of getting into large retailers nationwide. But anyone can get a taste of the energizing drink at the fully stocked DARK DOG ORGANIC fridge located in our entrance.

“We partnered with The LAB because of its location in Wynwood, because its expanding,” said Vega, “there is a lot of traffic of people going from all over, it’s a tourist spot right now and a great place to get our name seen.”

“DARK DOG ORGANIC wants to help build for our future and celebrate good people in the community. Being a sponsor of The LAB, DARK DOG ORGANIC is providing high-quality energy for the creative minds and entrepreneurs who will be our leaders tomorrow,” said Vega.

Check out the brand on their social media @darkdogorganic on Instagram and DARK DOG ORGANIC Energy Drink on Facebook.

Leslie Ovalle | July 18, 2016