Dear TravelTech Entrepreneurs, Here’s What You Should Know

On Feb 12th, executives from established brands and founders will be discussing how technology is disrupting travel, tourism & hospitality. Becoming increasingly geared towards convenience and accessibility, the travel tech industry has created unique opportunities for emerging technologies. We asked panel speakers what advice they’d give to entrepreneurs to keep up in these rapidly-changing industries. Here’s what they said.  

Raj Singh, Panelist Speaker & Managing Director JetBlue Technology Ventures:

Know the rules before you consciously try to challenge them

Kurien Jacob, Panelist Speaker & Principal Highgate Ventures:  

 The industry is very complicated and be sure to get the right people who have experience and knowledge in the space. It looks very simple form the outside but it’s not. Also build the business cautiously initially and expand rapidly after you have established some proof points and validation.  Once they start talking about the company, it is very viral and adoption will be very quick.

Brian Schettler, Panelist Speaker& Managing Director Boeing HorizonX Ventures:

Free yourself from the boundaries that exist in the travel system today and think about what travel and the experience of traveling could be in the future.  Don’t think just in terms of technology, hardware, and systems, but also everything that goes in the day in the life of a person getting from Point A to Point B and how that can be improved.  What are the challenges and frustrations that travelers experience today and how can that be better?

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