Developing The Right Product – #ProductCouncil

As a co-working space, we love collaboration. What better way to collaborate than with seasoned professionals in product development? Our Product Council event offers startups and existing companies with the resources necessary to thrive – such as critical feedback, ideation, or advice on how to improve existing products. Unlike a pitch or demo, this event allows companies to openly explore their product’s potential and areas for improvement with experts in the industry and members of the community with bright ideas!

This past week, we welcomed Cargo42, an on-demand trucking marketplace, to share with the Council their product and business plan. The Council was composed of DHL Vice President, Nabil Maloui; Production Manager at NearPod, Jared Husch; and Product Strategy and Business Development lead at MagicLeap, Kathy Wang. After a thorough, informational presentation regarding Cargo42’s mission and goals, the Council was able to provide their thoughts on the viability of the venture and ask challenging questions to Cargo42’s CEO, which in turn strengthened the presentation and developed a better understanding of the company’s differentiation and competitive advantage. The Council delivered valuable insight and guidance for strategic management, providing Cargo42 with incredible tools to improve their product and brand. The floor was then opened for questions, allowing the community to take part in the feedback loop, while refining their own understanding of what is expected for a startup to reach success.

After a brief networking break, Nabil Maloui led a presentation on the development of DHL’s product line, including advancements in logistic technology and the creation of drones dedicated to delivery.

Product Council is open to the public, and offers very valuable information and insight to everyone involved. This expression of community collaboration is extremely beneficial to both companies presenting and guests present. Come join us next time – follow our newsletter for updates on upcoming events!