Documenting the Journey | Growth Hacking Small Business Growth

We’re always told that the journey is better than the destination. While this may not always be true, the journey is still of great importance. At this year’s Miami Growth Hacking Summit, Guy Israeli, the co-founder of Solomoto, shared that if you expect your small business to grow you should “love what you do and share your passion.”

Solomoto is a digital platform that “collects all the fundamental tools that a business needs to grow and bridge his activity from the offline to the online world.” Solomoto includes tools that help businesses track, document and shares their progress. Tools include a simple website builder to put you on the map online, an eCommerce module, a social community management deck, and simplified wizards to create and launch advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Google and more.


With these tools as the foundation of his business it’s no surprise that Israeli emphasized that, as a small business, it’s imperative you “share your journey and explore your creative skills.” Israeli shared that at every step of the process you should be taking photos and journaling about your progression. Creating a narrative for your business and using social media to share your story will help you create long-lasting connections with your targeted audience. A 2009 social experiment by Glenn Walker, researchers took seemingly worthless items, created elaborate narratives for them, and then put them for sale on eBay. The results? The items then sold for 2706% more than their original value. If you want this type of customer engagement, then Israeli suggests you share your story on 5-40 different platforms; just having a website or facebook page is not enough.


If you’d like tips on how to improve your digital presence on how to share your story on platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter and more check out our post on Cooking the Perfect Digital Diet.


As always we hope you continue to learn, act and build with the LAB Miami.