Every Brand is a Personal Brand | Growth Hacking Brand Creation

“Before you go online and think about your digital presence, think about your life first.” This is the first piece of advice that Hajj Fleming,  gave his audience at this year’s Miami Growth Hacking Summit. He then informed us that “the average person works 89,000+ hours in life,” and followed with the thought-provoking question, “So what are you committing your life to?”

Today, it’s easy to say that our current conception of brands is as shallow as a mere logos. However, Flemings challenges us to give brands a new meaning. In his his words, “A brand is a blank container and it’s up to you to fill that container up and give it meaning. Brands are at their best when they’re authentic.” Before starting your brand think about what matters to you, more specifically what are you passionate about. Keep in mind that when you talk about your  passion it’s not just about what things enjoy or activities you like. Hajj once believed basketball was passion and even pursued a career in athletics beginning with playing as a college athlete. However, he soon discovered that “talent was the only thing between me and the league.” Which leads us to the conclusion that while you should enjoy your passion, your passion should be moreso reflective of your signature talent. When your brand aligns with your signature talent, it becomes easier to make your brand distinct and memorable.


Once this initial step is complete, there are a few other things to consider. In regards to your brand:

  1. Work on ideas that are ownable
  1.  Mental real estate
  1. Digital real estate
  1. Physical location


Remember that above all, brands are more than stickers, they convey your lifestyle.



As always we hope you continue to learn, act and build with the LAB Miami.