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Hatch Match Miami 2015

December 8 @ 5:00 pm 8:00 pm 

| $55

The Hatchery presents HATCH MATCH 2015.  

Join us for an evening of facilitated networking with Miami’s leading tech investors.  We’ve been bringing investors and entrepreneurs together for the last 8 years through Hatch Match. It’s an easy way for investors and startups to connect.  There’s networking and access to a whole new network at your choosing.

5:00 – 6:00 pm  Registration + Meeting signups + Networking
6:00 – 8:00 pm  Investor Meetings + Networking



What defines a great networking event is meeting people you want to meet and having great conversations that stimulate action.  Hatch Match is designed to help you do just that!  Through active, facilitated networking, Hatch Match makes introductions and provides you with access to about 20 investors in a format that’s convenient, efficient, and fun.

Hatch Match is an annual event, organized by The Hatchery aimed to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and other parties interested in growing and being part of Miami’s vibrant internet/web/information economy.



Think investor-entrepreneur speed dating.  Arrive at 5 PM to start scheduling meetings with investors. It is important to be on time as meetings are arranged on a first come, first served basis with 4-5 investor meetings being the norm.
Announcements are made at 5:45 and the meetings kick off at 6 PM. The whole event is timed to be prompt.  Each one-on-one meeting lasts about 5 minutes, so arrive early and have your elevator pitch honed!  After your investor meetings are over, return to the general networking rooms for networking.   Light refreshments will be served.

Limited to first 100 registrants.

“The Hatch Match was terrific on every level – great for New York’s venture investors, great for efficiently giving New  York’s budding new companies access to the venture community, and just great for encouraging entrepreneurship in New York in general.  Hatch Match is just great for New York, period.”

                                 – Marc Michel.  Managing Director, Metamorphic Ventures

“I had 5 minute session with 20 companies and met probably another 20. Of these I am following up with  6 companies and hope to make 1or 2 investments. I also reconnected with some fellow angels who I have not seen in years. The Columbia venue is ideal for this type of event. Expect this event to become an ongoing classic.”
– John Ason.  Angel investor.

“The Hatchery event is a premier gathering of both investors and entrepreneurs in the New York ecosystem. Golden Seeds is thrilled to be part of such a wonderful effort to bring these two parties together. The event is exciting, fast paced and well put together. We look forward to participating next year!”
– Robert Delman.  Managing Director, Golden Seeds

“This is a must-attend event.  It was not only the quality of entrepreneurs, but also of VC’s and angels present.  Everyone was on-game and the quality of meetings I had was well above average for this type of event.  Out of the 20 meetings, at least half really made me think, and 5 deserve detailed follow up, which is ongoing.  It is great to see the New York entrepreneur community thriving – the energy and potential here is huge and it is great to be part of it.”
– John Frankel, ff Asset Management

“Hatch Match is a “must attend” event for NY VCs. HatchMatch 2010 provided an ideal forum to incubate relationships with startups, as well as an opportunity to get to know the NY venture community. I definitely plan to attend next year!”
– Sylvia Kuyel.  Associate, StarVest Partners

“I found the networking with other investors  and the more personal setting for speaking with entrepreneurs to be a more civilized and structured experience than other events i’ve attended in NYC.”
– Konstantine Drakonakis.  Director, Launch Capital

“Have a triple espresso and be prepared to meet some of the smartest and most energetic entrepreneurs in the City.”
– Gil Beyda.  Managing Partner, Genacast

I was very impressed by the passion and drive of the entrepreneurs I met.  This event confirms the entrepreneurial community is thriving in NYC.
– Frank Rimalovsky.  Managing Director, NYU Innovation Venture Fund

“Hatch Match 2010 was a cut above!  Watching NY evolve through the years, it’s clear that the New York community is creating better & better entrepreneurs with very viable businesses ideas.  Many of the folks I met with were on the right track to building interesting companies.”
– Charlie Kemper.  Steelpoint Capital Partners

“It was fun to be matched at the Hatch Match with several up and coming companies in the New York area.  The attendance from both investors and entrepreneurs was outstanding.”
– Ellen Sandles.  Executive Director, Tri-State Private Investors

“Good meetings.  I love the entrepreneurial spirit of the people looking for investments.  I liked the fast paced meeting structure.  You did a great job of keeping it moving.  It was a very efficient way to meet with many entrepreneurs in a single sitting.  It was way more effective than just reading the business plans and way more efficient than meeting with entrepreneurs 1:1 in other settings.  Great event – well done.”
– Jim Estill.  Angel investor, Golden Seeds

“The entrepreneurs I saw were mostly extremely focused and had carefully researched the background of the investors they sought to meet. Their presentations were impressively succinct and left time for some quick Q
&A’s. I was impressed at some ideas presented for online education, especially in several promising niche areas. While some proposals needed more spade work, the entrepreneurs welcomed both encouragement and next stage suggestions. I came away from the experience with a healthy dose of optimism for the future of the economy.”
– Angela Haines.  Managing Director, Golden Seeds

“It was a terrific event – a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of the vibrant New York entrepreneurial community.”
– Warren Haber.  Angel investor

“It was clearly great for the community”
– Kal Vepuri.  Investor, The Trisiras Group

“What a great event. I’m so glad I went.”
– Ally LaTourelle.  
Director Government Affairs, DNP Green Technology

““I can’t say enough about the Hatch Match event; a perfect balance between networking, socializing and pitching. As a relative newbie to the event and the process in general, the team made (what could have been a logistical nightmare) incredibly straightforward. Being able to pick and choose the potential investors, based on their investment criteria, is simply unprecedented; where else do you get this opportunity? Throw in an excellent venue, and a professional and good-humored team, and you get a must attend event.”
– Kevin Bluer.  Application Development Manager, MTV Networks

“I wanted to let you know about the success of last night’s Hatch Match event.  The turnout was great and it was very well managed by you and your staff.  What a unique and powerful way to give entrepreneurs like us the opportunity to share our stories with potential investors.  Startups can no longer say that there isn’t forum to get us in front of the people we are looking to meet.  I first attended one of the ‘Are You Serious?’ events a few weeks ago and clearly Hatchery is focused on helping, supporting, and providing the tools necessary for startups at any stage to succeed.  Hatchery has given us the platform – the rest is up to us.

Thank you for putting together such programs focused on the growth of startups here in New York City.  Kudos to all the efforts put forth by you and your team and the vision to support the needs of a growng community of entrepreneurs – something this city clearly needs. Catch you at the next event.  Cheers.”
– Jonathan Lin.  Founder, iQoupon

“The HatchMatch event in NYC was truly one of the most innovative, resourceful and well organized events supporting the NYC tech community.  It is not every day that entrepreneurs get the opportunity to be in the same room with over 40 angels and venture capitalists. This event not only allowed for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to investors but it also provided the opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with each other and share their ideas, stories and resources.  I made great connections with other entrepreneurs and was even asked to follow up with one of the angels I pitched my business to.  The Hatchery team did a great job of bringing together entrepreneurs and the resources they need to grow their respective businesses.”
– Lloyd Cambridge.  Founder, PapersNYC

“Hatch Match is the perfect hybrid of boot camp and playground for big kid entrepreneurs. The fire in the room is palpable. The greatest value prop? It’s all about real collaboration and action. If you’re ready to work with game changers in NYC, hop on The Hatchery bus.”
– Taryn Miller-Stevens.  Director Business Development, Starting Bloc

“Thanks to you and your crew for the very good event last night.  We had a good group of meetings with investors interested in our company and followup meetings.”
– David Bloom.  CEO, Naama Networks

“Many people say that one makes their decision (i.e. to invest or not) within the first minute. Hatch Match eliminates the hassle of contacting, setting appointments with, and giving an elaborate pitch to multiple investors.  Hatch Match allowed both startups and investors to cut to the chase. In two hours we all accomplished what would have taken two months!”
– Ryan Meinzer.  CEO, Playsay

“What a great event.  Scads of interesting and excited entrepreneurs and even more wonderful to see, lots and lots of investors to connect with and pitch.  There was an energy in the room that was evident from the moment you walked in.”
– Adrian Miller.  Founder, Adrian’s Network

“It’s always great meeting the newest and best of the technology business space at any Hatchery event, but the Hatch Match multiplies the value exponentially.  The opportunity for startups to meet venture capitalists and other professionals in an open and accepting forum is creating and expanding the core of New York’s up and coming Tech community.”
– Claudine Halpern.  President, The YCH Group

“HatchMatch was an amazing event.  There were 40 people from the investor community and over 500 from the entrepreneurial community.  When you get that many great minds under one roof, great things are bound to happen.  The energy in the air over the possibilities was palpable.  Frankly, anyone from the business world would benefit from attendance at this sort of event.”
– Andre Archimbaud, Reach Local

“Just wanted to thank you for a great event last night.  The caliber of folks at the Hatchery is always one step above other events in the city, and you managed to pull together a complex event in a smooth and orderly way.  Your team also helped me with other connections, so that was an unexpected bonus on top of everything else.”
– Bjorn Roche, Xonami


“The Hatch Match event was well coordinated and the matching system was great.”
– Austin Lin, Aggregift


December 8
5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
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Mind Warehouse
111 NE 1st Street, Floor 8, Miami, FL 33132 United States
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