Is It Difficult To Work With A Stranger In A Co-working Space?

Co-working spaces are shared workplaces where individuals work independently or collaboratively in joint offices. The history of co-working sprung with the need for spaces for self-employed or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to escape the loneliness of home office. The feel of co-working space is different from a regular office where no one will order you to do a specific task. The place is equipped with a private desk and regular office equipment and amenities. There are shared workspaces which have private meeting rooms designed for group conversations. Co-working spaces are mostly the hub of startups, small teams, freelancers, and at times, entrepreneurs who are in search of flexible office space.

Do People love to Co-work with Strangers?

There has been a gradual shift from the traditional office and full time working hours to flexible, remote, and freelance working style. This is why the need for co-working spaces has spawned with time. With all this buzz around co-working spaces, let’s explore what the basic implications of working in an untraditional working environment are:

1. Price
The best thing about co-working space is its nominal cost, and even an individual would prefer working here. It provides an advantage of renting out only those facilities which are required as opposed to letting entire private office space. And this is not all; there are options available to pay monthly or even daily. The cost can further be reduced by signing for membership option and avail various packages.

2. Community
After a certain period, working alone at home or even at a coffee shop, leave isolation effects on an individual. To avoid this negative feeling, the best option is to start co-working. It will provide an opportunity to meet ambitious or even established individuals and get to know their ideas. Once loneliness is removed, then a sense of community starts developing even between strangers.
According to the Marketing Communication Manager of Academist Help, Mr. Phu Duong:
“Co-working places thrive on basic elements which are dedication, creativity, and inspiration.”

3. Collaborating & Networking
This is another significant benefit of co-working as it opens the world of countless opportunities for the occupants. Both entrepreneur and freelancers can avail this platform to network and even collaborate for the completion of their tasks. This all could lead towards the expansion of the business, or it can end-up having new friendships. The founder of Australia Master, Melbourne, Asher Esakoff, asserts:
“There is one simple word for co-working experience: community. It’s a two-way road where both every involved person take advantage of the association created here, which increases hard work and collaboration.”

4. Extra Services
What is that extra element which is appealing for the occupants of co-working spaces? The place offers trendy furniture, tempting snacks, and essential technological supplies and at times, table tennis court and necessary gym facilities.

5. Work at your Own Speed
At times it becomes difficult to comprehend the mood of a co-working space as there are strangers all around you. Things will get settled down once you can find the right balance between your work and social connections. The key is to respect people who are around you and then find the best fit co-working space, which is ideal for you.

Shortcomings of Co-Working Spaces

The culture and trend of co-working spaces are growing steadily, and it is anticipated that with time, more co-working spaces will be popping up. Despite its growth and popularity, it is necessary to evaluate some of its negative aspects. These include:



Poor Internet Connection

Uncomfortable Temperature Of The Place

Lack of Privacy

The owners of the co-working space need to work on managing all these issues, and they must be open to customer feedback. However, it doesn’t matter whatever the challenges are there are always ways to get around it. If you are looking for a co-working space than simply remember work comes first; respect everyone’s privacy, remain focused then you are ready to stay in the flow.
In the end, it can be concluded that co-working spaces don’t pose high cost similar to a traditional working environment. But these places have provided chances for small teams to interact with each other in an official setting. Despite its drawbacks, such spaces have assisted entrepreneurs in finding the right co-founder for their startup by connecting with the right person at the right time. Now it’s up to you to make an informed decision and opt this model if it meets your business model and business requirements.

Author Bio:
Amanda Jerelyn is working as Marketing Executive at Academist Help apart from that she owns a website Guide2Write, i.e., available for students for referencing. She loves to co-work and meet new non-corporate faces, which actually encourages her to design new marketing strategies.