Is TikTok the new Instagram? How to gain a platform in the app

Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest may sound very familiar to you, or even you were using one of these apps a few minutes ago. It’s hard to believe that these platforms which now play an integral part in most of our lives, only started less than a decade ago. The newest craze in social media is TikTok. This app targets a younger audience of early adapters. You can bet that almost every person of the Generation Z knows what this app is and how it works. Since the app has gained. tremendous popularity, there is more debate over TikTok being the new Instagram as the social media app of choice for individuals and brands.


What is Tiktok and how does it work?

TikTok is a video sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-seconds videos, on any topic. People like this app because it is very simple to operate it; users can log in with a phone number, an email address, Facebook, or Instagram account. Later, you can explore categories, famous creators, or hashtags to find videos. An effective and excellent way to find friends in the app is by using contacts in your cell phone or social media followers. Finally, you can create and record videos and share them with friends or followers.


Tips for gaining a platform in TikTok

After understanding the app and how it operates, there are some strategies to gain followers. Below we are going to leave five tips on how to grow your audience in TikTok:


1.Post the videos in a certain and logic time

There is no perfect time to post, however, it is meaningful to know when your audience will be scrolling in the app. You want to post your content when your followers are indeed online. Various well-known creators recommend posting during lunchtime.


2. Create your own challenge or trend

Tiktok users adore to see challenges, however, not all the content you will post will go viral. Therefore, you need to promote your challenge and guarantee that it gains popularity, instead of just waiting to happen.


3. Use the right hashtags

If you want to be recognized in TikTok, you need to have a strong hashtag strategy. Hashtags are crucial for various reasons. First, it increments your views and people will find you more easily. Second, you will find more simple your competitors and possible associates. Finally, it will give more ideas to create content.


4. Know your audience

Understanding your audience is significant for the reason they will help you to remain relevant. The primary way to know get to know your followers is comprehending where are they from, how old they are, and what would they like to see. Applying these three steps, there is a big chance your followers will be loyal to your platform.


5. Post original content

Tiktok users want to see you post original content. In order to build strong, long-lasting followers, you need to create authentic content that your followers will like and ensure they will come back to you for more.