LAB Member Spotlight Feat. Whiskey Films

Whiskey Films is a production company that produces TV Commercials specifically for the US Hispanic market also known as the USH market. Three partners from the same industry founded the company in 2009. Currently they have seven offices in South America and the United States including at The LAB Miami. Whiskey Films mostly caters to large advertising agencies around the world and has recently expanded to California with a new office in LA.

  1. What stands you apart from other film production companies? Whiskey Films has a diverse network of clients and is a global company able to cater to many them many options and locations.
  1. Who have you worked with in the past and what kinds of companies normally hire you? Different productions companies just like this one, clients are advertising agencies everywhere.
  1. I’ve heard you’re growing your business to a location in California. Tell us about this exciting expansion! That has to do with the opening of two different divisions within the company. One of the new divisions is content, which is considered the future of this industry, and the other is productions services. LA is a central location for the brand and for these two divisions of Whiskey Films.
  1. Do you see yourselves growing further in the future and what work are you doing locally here in Miami? Definitely growing further, bigger, and faster also with content development. As we eventually want to start making feature and short films. Recent bidding jobs for advertising agencies are Zubi, Alma, and Marca. The last major commercial was shot for Walmart with an agency out of Houston Texas.
  1. You’ve been located at The LAB now for over 2 years. What benefit do you get from working out of the space? The benefit that I see is that we are more aware of the latest digital and communications trend due to the great networking. We don’t necessarily get clients from the LAB but gain valuable knowledge from the community and events which can be used in our business.

By Alberto Córdoba June 29, 2016