LAB Member Spotlight: Tatiana Peisach

CPR – Cod, Pressed, Raw

Tatiana Peisach’s juicing company CPR is based in Miami, arguably one of the worlds most health conscious cities. Her company name CPR stands for “Cold.Pressed.Raw” assuring that the consumers of her products are getting nothing but the healthiest drink possible.
Tatiana’s message encompasses both self empowerment with a healthy lifestyle, as she believes juicing can lead to a better life. “We’re passionate about what we do and are dedicated to helping people become the healthiest version of themselves by finding the best way to incorporate juices into their lifestyle and tailoring specific ones to their goals,” said Tatiana Peisach, Founder and CEO of CPR.

There are certain packages and detox plans that CPR offers, as there are certain levels of juicing programs. There are beginner packages which include the more common drinks to transition easier into the juicing world. However, there are also athlete packages where the juices are geared towards very active individuals. There are also many other options in the CPR world, as there is a food menu offering! There are plenty of fruit and vegetable filled plates that are designed to help you be the best and healthiest version of yourself. CPR’s first vending machine was placed in front of The LAB Miami, as Tatiana saw great entrepreneurial spirit here.
“The Lab was a great option to launch our vending machine and opportunity to cater to a wide range of health-oriented individuals. By creating the first cold pressed juice vending machine of its kind, our team at CPR is responding to consumers’ demands for healthier and more convenient options.” Tatiana’s CPR takes health seriously, but in a fun and delicious way to transition smoothly to the world of juicing. It’s no wonder her juicing company is called CPR, it’s meant to revive your body in order to become a new person.

Carlos Crespo | May 23, 2016