LAB Staff Spotlight: Santiago Acosta

Santiago Acosta was born in Colombia in 1994, where he began to draw and tinker with his creative side at a very young age. He then moved to the great city of Miami when he was six years old. Santiago continued to develop his creative side when he moved to the US, where he then realized he wanted to become a Graphic Designer in High School. He decided to study Film Production at Miami Dade College, where he could further refine his talents. Now, Santiago Acosta is a print specialist and consultant for companies that want to take themselves to the next level. He helps create content for his clients that he knows will help them stand out from the crowd, in return helping his credibility as a master of content production. Santiago produces video and photo content, newsletters, product design, copywriting and marketing to name a few.

To say the least, Mr. Acosta is a very talented man who loves to produce great content to represent his clients. However, he wasn’t always a master content creator. Santiago originally became an apprentice in a print shop and learned all the “tricks of the trade” which he would then put his own personal twist on for his business. After his time as an apprentice, he took all his skills with him and created his own business for content production and consulting named Costavisions (back in 2013). Since then, Santiago has been creating work he is proud of with numerous clients in different industries from Holz Skateboards to Good War Games.

The LAB has helped inspire him to create his own business since he has seen the great entrepreneurial spirit here as a nurturing experience for his career. He has found many clients just by working here, further fueling his creative mind and growing business to be taken to the next level. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, Santiago would also like to teach film or graphic design one day, as he loves to give back to people and help teach others how to create their own work which they can be proud of.

Check out his website http://costavisions.com

Adobe Illustrator for Entrepreneurs event he will be hosting/teaching: Santi-Knows-Illustrator