Less Work More Results| Growth Hacking Marketing Automation

We’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier. Thanks to marketing automation this search has become a little less difficult. At Miami’s Growth Hacking Summit, Guy Israeli, stated that marketing automation is a key step in scaling any small business. Israeli is the co-founder of Solomoto, a digital platform that “collects all the fundamental tools that a business needs to grow and bridge his activity from the offline to the online world.” According to Israeli, marketing automation is a one-time investment with continuous returns.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to software that enables users to advertise more effectively and with less effort on multiple digital platforms (i.e. social media, email, website, and blogs) by automating repetitive tasks. It is especially useful because it not only organizes and streamlines the marketing process but also provides data insights on customer interactions with ads and emails for better future utilization.


Here’s a list of various software with marketing automation capabilities

Solomoto is a digital platform designed to help businesses of any size or industry looking to connect their offline business with the online world. A Solomoto subscription includes a dashboard with tools, such as: “a very simple website builder to put you on the map online, an eCommerce module, a social community management deck, and simplified wizards to create and launch advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Google and more.” Fortunately, the platform includes a free trial; you simply have to make a free account to get started.


Sendgrid is a customer communication platform for transactional (i.e. password resets) and marketing emails. Sendgrid’s user-friendly platform includes automated email capabilities or triggered email, which is sent when a specific triggering event occurs or a specific user takes an action that prompts the delivery of the email. In other words, the marketer only has to directly contact the customer once with an initial marketing email and can have more interactions with those customers who respond or engage with the initial email without any extra work. Sendgrid also includes a monthly subscription model and a free trial.


Hootsuite is a platform created for organizing and managing social media. It includes a scheduling feature in which users can essentially create a content calendar for media that should be automatically uploaded. HootSuite offers a limited, free version as well as more expansive, paid plans, each with a 30-day trial.


While automation is a wonderful tool, make sure that each of your campaigns is properly formatted for the digital platform it will be presented on because a properly displayed gif, as opposed to a link where your gif should be, is the difference between someone looking at your ad or not.


As always we hope you continue to learn, act and build with the LAB Miami.