Member Spotlight: Growler USA


For the past two decades, South Florida has been working hard to grow its industry and its communities. Miami has become the center of attention for art and influencers from across the world; such as artists, curators, chefs, filmographers, and more traveling far and wide to settle within the creative city. Along with the rising influencers and creators came the appreciation and dedication of local craft beer breweries. Many pubs, bars, and restaurants began to slowly appear across South Florida hosting community-based craft beer brews.

But a new contributor has arrived at the scene, coming from across the nation in Eugene, Oregon. General Manager of the soon-to-open Miami Growler USA, Petra Christie, describes the business as a craft beer service that serve complimentary food fit for the drink one has chosen to enjoy. The brewery hosts only American craft beer, Christie inferring that around “40% of the beer they serve is national and 60% come from local breweries.”

Growler USA hopes to open the range of craft beer flavors and experiences for Miami’s people and its tourists that come to visit within the beautifully colorful walls of Wynwood. Their mission is to teach people about wonderful local brews with trained employees to cater to individual’s personal tastes.




1. In your own words, what do you think Growler USA will bring to Miami that hasn’t been established before?
In Wynwood, Growler USA recognized that its community allows the opportunity to bring many different kinds of beer to one place only without having to visit different pubs and bars alike for more variety. They value the concept of their patrons being able to have one beer at a time with quality service. Petra Christie defining the establishment as a “one-stop shop.


2. For people who are new to craft beverages, what would you recommend they try first? Do you consider there is any order one should follow to experience the true essence the original brewers wanted to create?
One beer in particular stuck out to the general manager for first comers to try, which is Tank Brewery’s La Playita — it is known for it gentle, crisp, and easy-to-enjoy flavor profile, perfect for anyone new to craft beer or beer in general. It is then believed that there is a certain flexible order that is recommended for a new patron to have when trying the one hundred taps served at Growler USA; generally starting with something easy to taste and to just climb the ladder of flavor profiles and build a wisdom for your taste buds.


3. Much of Wynwood’s restaurants, pubs, and bars alike have live entertainment; do you plan to provide your own at Growler USA?
Christie reassures that Growler USA particularly will be arranging collaborations with local bands in relation to Walt Grace Vintage or other local bands and entertainers. They also hope to hold Craft Beer 101 classes hosted by Growler’s own Cicerones once a month or even once a week to enlighten others about the process and work that goes into craft beer breweries.


4. Many groups of friends and coworkers who plan to drink away the night need a designated driver at hand. Are there any available options at Growler USA for those who don’t or can’t drink that still allows them to enjoy the craft beverage experience?
Growler USA has a wonderful assortment of delicious and organic kombucha, freshly squeezed and non alcoholic; as well as iced teas, espressos, and possibly other drinks to be available. Of course, water is served all the time.


5. Events are popular within Wynwood establishments, circulating with new and returning customers of all ages. Are there any events Growler USA plan to promote in the future?
They hope to host craft beer classes, trivia nights, and to co-work with FIU students and other brewers. It is also a possibility that brewery representatives that will wish to present, promote, and educate others about their craft beers and their own process at the brewery.


6. Why are all of your servers required to be Cicerone (c) certified when it comes to serving at Growler USA?
There is often the possibility of people coming in, unsure of what they are looking to have. Cicerones are particularly trained, licensed, and hardworking employees — a title that validates their knowledge of beers. The servers can guide those who are new or are simply looking for a unique recommendation to try next. Cicerones are also knowledgeable about the flavor profile of the selection held at the establishment so they would be more than happy to help you breakdown what your preference is or even what you’re feeling for the day. Growler USA values creating unique and personalized experiences for each and every individual they serve.


7. How would you describe the atmosphere you wish to bring to the patrons within Growler USA?
Christie worked hard with her coworkers to create a local hangout vibe for the newly established Growler USA. Their priority is for a relaxed and fun experience with good service, good food, and good beer of course.


8. As of recently, upon building the foundation of the upcoming Growler USA, what is your favorite part of the job? And what do you look forward to witness upon the grand opening?
For Christie, they look forward to gain more wisdom and value for the craft beer business. Especially learning the history and backgrounds of the many breweries they have partnered with. She hopes to watch Growler USA bring others together, with friendly people that is welcoming and open to all.


9. Miami, Florida is a growing city, the heart of all kinds of arts and design in South Florida, and the home of the flourishing Miami Design District where Wynwood began. What made you choose this location as the next step to the expansion of Growler USA besides Orlando, Florida?
To Growler USA, in the words of Christie, the concept of craft beer “fits the title of artistry,” — which is always welcomed to the artistic community of Wynwood. They also saw opportunity to collaborate with a varying abundance of local breweries in South Florida and to grow their business out to others who can appreciate their hard work.