Member Spotlight: Innersense

Looking at one of our members, we give the spotlight to Emmanuel Maurette, the Production Manager for Innersense in the U.S. Innersense is a 3D imaging company whose focus is on taking furniture and uploading it to their application, where you can then select from a wide variety of products and using your phone’s camera, place a to scale image of the product and see how it would look in real life. 

Something that sets Innersense apart from the rest of the companies is their strong clientele base and its wide range of uses with interior home design. Clients such as Sealy, Roche Bobois, Lux, and Casabianca are just some of the business’ Innersense is currently working with. When Emmanuel first started working at Innersense, he joined only a month after it’s conception (October of 2014 to be exact). The idea came from the founder, Stephane Mercier, who tried to move into his house without properly measuring his new sofa, so when it finally arrived it was too big for the house and he had to send it back. Instead of having to use the “old fashioned” way of using a tape measure to find out if it was long enough, why not use the newest technology in order to make it much quicker and easier? This thought was the idea behind Innersense and has already become a renowned company for its innovative use of 3D imaging.

Looking towards the future, Innersense is hoping to expand further into the United States and to new countries such as Mexico and Morocco. Their expansion is also looking for newer, smaller companies to be able to expand their brand name and become a more well-known company. All in all, although Innersense is relatively new, it is looking like it may soon take over the 3D imaging market.

By: Lorenzo Prattico