Member Spotlight: WEBRIS

WEBRIS is a digital marketing and design agency specializing in organic search marketing. We take a value based approach to marketing by creating content and promoting it through channels where your audience spends their time.

Could you tell me a little about your background? 

I did my Undergrad degree in Boston where I’m from, took a job with a big consulting company that had me travel all over the place and ended up moving to D.C. where I was doing big data analytics. While I was working I completed my Master’s degree, but that’s also when I realized that this corporate life isn’t for me.

I started freelancing on the side for some clients in Miami and ended up moving to South Florida, then became an independent consultant which I did for couple years and eventually opened up WEBRIS in March 2016.  Our agency specializes in organic search marketing, paid advertising on social media, and we do a lot of content marketing.

We’ve been growing, expanding, and hiring people. It’s been a great 1st year!

 How do you help agencies/companies that hire you? 
We help our clients get more organic traffic from Google. For example, one of our clients sells workout supplement through their online store. When people are searching Google for “protein”, we help their website show up on top. The process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – our clients pay monthly retainers to manage this for them. That is our main focus and it primarily drives around 75% of our revenue.  Webris also offers training which targets SEO agencies who want to learn about some advanced tactics, as there’s a huge market for online training. That is our mid-price offering for clients who cannot afford the first option but still want to learn our methodology.

We’re also building some tools for marketers like WordPress Plugins and things that help people get more traffic, and that will be a $10/month type of subscription. This is the most affordable option for clients who intend to work with us but cannot yet afford the other 2 plans. And finally we have an E-Commerce store that sells shoe laces.

What is your firm’s competitive advantage among many others in the industry?

My experience in managing SEO for big companies and getting exposed to technical and big data, I understood how big agencies function and where they lacked. I also got started working with the $200/month clients that want to rank high. Through this experience of working on both ends, as well as building my own websites, I can say that what we’re good at is understanding what it is that you need individually. Optimizing a website for an app developer is different than for a co-working space or an E-commerce store.

Are your clients usually local from South Florida?

We work with Dr. Smood who has 10 locations around Miami, but we prefer to work with global E-Commerce stores that make a lot of money! If you are an E-commerce store too, you understand the impact SEO has on your business. It’s more scalable model versus local businesses who can rank first then don’t see the point of paying after.

Why did you pick the LAB Miami?

I like the LAB because it’s “Come as You Are” and the staff is amazing and incredibly helpful. Also I prefer the creative vibe that the place has to offer and the surrounding Wynwood area. I’m a “T-Shirt & Jeans” dude!  

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Interviewed by: Mohammad Ali Mazloum