Representing American Brands to Latin American Communities | Brainfood Miami

Just last week while I was walking down the streets of Nosara, Costa Rica I walked into a clothing store called “Authentic Costa-Rican Clothing”. I entered the store completely entranced with the idea of Costa Rican handmade clothes, but instead I walked out with French, German, and American made T-shirts. While I checked out at the register and handed the cashier my credit card, I asked myself a question: When and how did it become so easy for companies to represent themselves all across the globe, even in the smallest of towns? I walked out of the store with my newly purchased items, and started my walk home. On the way, I noted American influences all over the place. I must have passed over 15 billboards advertising different American conglomerates. To me, this was crazy. How could a little town in Costa Rica have been exposed to all these different American companies?

The answer to this question was simple: as businesses grow, and technology develops, global reach is no longer an incredible hassle for business marketers. Gaston Taratuta, an expert on foreign advertisement spoke at the Brainfood event at The LAB Miami and discussed how he leveraged the marketing game himself. Taratuta in the early 2000’s had a vision for Silicon Valley companies such as Waze, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Spotify.

These companies lacked operations in many parts of the world and were missing out on a large portion of potential global revenue. Taratuta saw an opportunity to act as a middleman between these companies and the Latin American community.

 Taratuta helps these companies advertise and run operations throughout countries such as Peru, Chile, Argentina, and more. Taratuta, CEO and Founder of IMS, has now created Latin America’s largest digital ad sales and media buying firm. He seized an opportunity to both benefit companies in the States, and people all across Latin America.


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