The Future of VR


Technology has progressed significantly and more rapidly than ever.

A new piece of technology that is becoming more trendy is VR, or virtual reality. People usually utilize VR for gaming and entertainment purposes, but it is beginning to surface in other areas and achieve more than solely entertainment.



The host, Pam Granoff, asked Joe Olmstead, the head of product at Alienware, about the future of VR. Even though Alienware and others apply VR mostly for gaming and entertainment purposes, Joe explains that VR can additionally aid people with current day impracticalities. The troubles involved with searching for real estate is an issue that can be eradicated by the use of VR. Virtual tours, a tour using virtual reality technology, will enable the community to visit a house they are considering without literally having to be there. Instead of needing to walk around and travel to the house or apartment, they can just put on a VR headset. Companies can apply a similar concept to the touring of cars. Car Dealerships such as Mercedes-Benz are beginning to implement these virtual tours into their dealerships so people can observe the inside of the cars they are looking for without actually having to visit the dealership.


Virtual Reality can also serve as a learning tool. Schools are beginning to use VR to have their students visit places like the Taj Mahal or even the Moon. I have experienced this myself in my World Religions class. My teacher had us use VR to visit various famous religious monuments and temples all around the world. This was an incredible experience and made me feel like I was there even though I knew I was still in my classroom. This technology can be used to both amuse and educate people, and hopefully in the future, do even more.

The purposes of Virtual Reality are continuing to progress and go beyond just entertainment purposes. Virtual Reality can now help treat people with PTSD by making them relive and retell their experience in a safe environment. Society can utilize VR is many different ways, and it is only a matter of time until they begin to adopt VR to assist themselves with everyday problems.


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