The Power of Posture

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As part of our monthly events for members, we had a physical therapy session by Dr. Marcia Darbouze.

Dr. Darbouze, a physical therapist with experience in both sports and neurological injuries. As a competitive powerlifter, she knows how important it is to perform pain free and brings her expertise to the everyday workplace.

She assessed members’ posture and from there performed corrective exercises to correct imbalances and target weak points, plus build increased flexibility and balance. Working all day seated in front of a computer screen can greatly hinder your posture, causing pain and tension in your neck and back. One therapy she performed on the members was dry cupping with a manual therapy tool used to promote circulation and release of adhesion in the soft tissue.

These corrective exercises helped members become more aware of their posture and tension they hold in their body and helped relieve the way they work to release stress and work comfortably.

More about Dr. Marcia Darbouze and her company, RTPT: https://www.rzpt.co

By: Ahmed Adel