Tips To Design Your Workspace That Keeps Employees Active

Impact Created by an Active Workspace 

There is no question about the fact that our environments and surroundings definitely impact our actions. When it comes to a workplace setting the overall ambiance of the office can either improve our performance or make it dwindle. 

An active workspace for that matter is where the productivity of employees is augmented, and they find themselves actively engaged in performing their tasks and fulfilling their duties. 

According to a recent report published by Gallup based on the study of employees and leaders of organizations in 155 countries, around 85% of employees were observed to not have been actively engaged in their work. 

This alarming revelation leaves us no choice but to dwell further on the subject. That is why through this post we would like to offer you some advice to make your workspaces more active.

Let’s take a quick look at each one of them: 


Ways to Develop Workspace That Keeps Employees Active 


1.Ensure Frequent Communication


Internal communication is crucial for your team’s success; that is why proper and adequate channels have to be established. Plus protocols must also be assigned so that every member of your team is able to follow them whenever they have to present a concern or seek guidance. 

Your workspace needs to become a hub for communication so that friction during work can be avoided and issues or difficulties during working hours can be instantly reported and resolved in due time. Without proper communication, the efficiency of your employees begins to lag, and pending work starts to pile up. 


2.Offer Comfort & Autonomy


For any workplace to keep their employees active, some leverage or liberty has to be awarded that is set well within the boundaries defined by your rules, regulations, and policies. It is important that your employees feel comfortable while performing their tasks and duties. No one likes a supervisor breathing on their necks. 

That is why some sort of autonomy provided to employees can motivate them to work in an environment that is not bent on binding them in chains and making them feel suffocated. Your management can easily decide the dos and don’ts and set these regulations into practice.   


3.Evolution & Reconfiguration


Your organization achieves self-efficacies when your team grows, individuals sharpen their saw and go through professional development. When this happens, the process of evolution takes place. This is why you need a workplace setting that can help you with making this grand shift of things. It should offer you the facilitation for managing growth and expansion. 

However, if your workspace is not dynamic enough to offer reconfiguration capabilities, even with your company growing, things will become difficult to manage. Hence this decision to choose the right workspace needs to come from the leadership of the company that must have the foresight and vision to see ahead of their time.   

Make sure that all the items that are creating clutter at your workstations should be put back to where they belong. This will also help the mobility of your employees as they will have more room to move about and sharpen their creative skills as well.


4.Go For Intuitive Designs


A workspace can also be made active for employees through innovative and intuitive designing. The physical structure of workstations can be developed in such a way that it promotes productivity. One method is to apply ergonomics in the style and structure of office furniture that offers them the correct posture to sit and use their tools. 

This will ensure that they can sit for long hours and do more amount of work without getting uncomfortable or tired. On the other hand, you should look for easy access for employees to move around and get to their desired location without knocking something over.   


5.Get Rid of All That Clutter


One of the primary reasons why many offices face a downfall in their productivity levels is due to disorganization of materials and unwanted items, creating clutter at their workspace. It is essential to realize that the more messy and stuffy our offices become, the chances for mishaps and unfortunate events also increase. Hence you should keep your workspace neat, clean, and tidy. 


6.Integrate Technology 


It goes without saying that technology offers us all breakthroughs and makes managing our task more convenient. If you find that your workforce is in need of facilitation through a technological solution, then as the owner of the company, you should consider investing in that technology. This can include hardware and software solutions, internal networking tools, cloud computing, and much more. However, simply providing the necessary technology is not enough. 

You need to make sure that it is integrated exquisitely as well so that your employees can make use of it in an optimal manner. If training is required to familiarize with a new technology that is being introduced at your workspace, then make sure that all of your employees are offered ample time to learn about it.


7.Engage In Effective Resource Management


Managing resources well within the vicinity of your organization can also significantly increase the productivity of your employees. This can include shared items such as air conditioning, lighting, and other equipment like coffee maker and printer, to name a few. Company resources are your organization’s assets. 

They must also be properly maintained so that if something breaks down, then it should be instantly repaired without wasting any valuable time. Without proper maintenance, those who are depending on the resource would find their tasks to be slowed down and take longer than usual time to complete. Hence this a cost which is more unboreable than making repairs or replacing broken down office equipment.   


It is important to realize that your workforce will have some requirements and perquisites of their own. You should discuss this with them directly or through a manager as per your preference. The idea is to make sure that you make things available for them so that there isn’t any excuse left on their part for reporting lower levels of productivity. 

We hope this post was able to offer you some great insights as to how you can design your workspace to keep employees active. For more questions regarding the topic, please share with us your views by leaving us a comment in the section below. 

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