Vision Board Party

Looking forward to a great start for 2019?

Having goals and passion?

Have you had goals and targets to achieve in your life but never did? Well It’s never too late to be ambitious and dream big in your life because every day is a new path to set goals and achieve them throughout your life.

The vision board party involved our members to join and make their own vision boards of what they want for 2019 involving their dreams, ambitions, goals, and creativity. The interesting idea about the vision board party is that we had our members interpret their goals, dreams, and ambitions for 2019 by cutting out content and pieces from magazine stocks that have meaning and emphasize their goals, dreams, and ambitions. Through those pieces and content they cut out they had to design a collage that interprets the message that they are trying to give out about their goals and dreams for 2019 and how will they achieve them. We loved the idea of cutting out and making collages to express the message we want to give and the members loved the challenge of going through magazines and cutting out the pieces that relate to what they want for 2019. Members also enjoyed assisting each other by finding what was relevant to their dreams and giving it to them. After we were all done with our vision boards we went around and had members present and talk about what their vision board is about for 2019 and what is the message they are trying to interpret through their vision boards.

By: Ahmed Adel