WED 10/30: Computer Science with Raspberry Pi


In the week commencing Aug 12, we have three sessions in Miami about learning to program using a unique technique

October 30: Programming for Non Programmers | Adults

October 31: Programming for Non Programmers | Educators

November 2: Learn programming rapidly using Raspberry Pi | Young People

The sessions are based on some pioneering work by Feynlabs in UK and Europe on accelerating the learning of Programming and Computational thinking

Top 5 reasons to participate:

a) The sessions are based on a set of unique techniques currently being trialled in UK and Europe

b) We use innovative products like the Raspberry Pi

c) The sessions are based on a coaching format which commence in the session in Miami but continue online

d) Successful participants will get a book of the material

e) We cover more than ‘learning to program’ – the objective is to learn programming but also how it can be applied to many emerging scenarios

For the educators course, please contact us

For more information, check here

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