Wyncode Miami 9th Cohort Starts at The LAB

This week Wyncode started its 9th cohort since its conception in May, 2014. These students have enlisted in a 9 week intensive boot camp program in which they dive head first on learning the languages of the programming world. The program is offered in three locations, with their flagship location at The LAB Miami in Wynwood.

Wyncode students can expect an intense 9 weeks ahead as this is one of the best and toughest programs out there for budding or even professional programmers who want to sharpen their skills at an accredited program such as Wyncode. These students can expect to learn programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails & Javascript. Once they learn these skills, every student will be helped in finding a job right after completion of the program. Wyncode has an overall job placement of 91%, with 86% of graduates working in Miami. It is safe too say that Wyncode generates incredible students to join the tech world!

A little more than half of the graduates work at startups, in which many of the job offers and placements come from Wyncode’s partners. If you have dreams of code and want to join, now is the time to begin your journey! Here is what 8th cohort Wyncode student Nicholas has to say about the program, “It is an intensive 9 week program, which fully takes over your life so you can completely change it once the program is done. I was very enveloped in the program and am hopeful for what the future brings as I feel prepared to enter the work force, wherever that may be”. Seeing as the 9th cohort just started, many of the students will feel the same way as Nicholas said once they finish their program, well qualified.

Lead instructor Ed Toro from the Wynwood location of Wyncode said, “We are always happy for the students that are trying to change their lives, including the community here, with their skills. Wyncode is helping solve the national shortage of programmers needed in the workforce, and I am glad to help them gain the necessary training to get a job.” Expect great things from Wyncode.

By: Carlos Crespo | April 6, 2016