Wynwood Artist brings Love to The LAB Miami

Artist, Justin Anthony Hysell, originally from Germany, installed his work at The LAB Miami this week for display and for sale. Justin’s theme used throughout his artwork is “love”, as he believes it is the solution to any obstacle in life.

Justin worked as a carpenter for most of his early career, but it wasn’t until he had his first son, a year ago, when he discovered his passion and creative vision for fine art. His detailed artwork has a deep spiritual and religious significance. He uses the whole color spectrum to represent the range of emotion in life and love. Justin’s mission is to spread joy and happiness through art, and he is spreading some of the love with his great art pieces now displayed at The LAB Miami.

Justin’s website:


Member Spotlight Q&A:

Q: How did you find The LAB Miami?

A: I was driving down the street in my magical ladybug [Justin is part of an artist collaborative, currently called Overkill Productions, which operates a fleet of golf carts transformed into colorful ladybugs], and I felt magic inside. The LAB Miami is truly an inspiring place and I am honored to be a participant.

Q: How do you see The LAB Miami helping your art career?

A: I’d like the experience to catalyze the movement that I am trying to create, painting the seeds of love. The movement is to activate love on earth.

Q: What separates you from other artists in Wynwood?

A: I create interactive art with the intention to touch, move and inspire humanity towards a more harmonious consciousness.

By: Carlos Crespo | April 21, 2016