You’ve Got a Friend in Me | Growth Hacking Partnerships

Two heads are better than one. There’s power in numbers. We’ve all heard the cliches, but do they actually mean anything? When it comes to promoting your business and expanding your customer base, the answer is yes. In talks from Senior Multimedia Sales Manager for ESPN International Nicholas Ayala and Alberto Valls, the Digital Partnership Manager for Discovery Latin America, both discussed the impact of strategic brand partnerships. Ultimately, the talks made one thing clear: for any business, whether it be a large corporations or a small startup, partnerships are integral to increasing brand awareness and your potential consumer base.

Partnerships are like mutual symbiotic relationships. Like in nature, the beauty of these relationships lies within the fact that both parties experience often unforeseen benefits. Similarly to ESPN, Discovery is brand that has mastered the art of strategic partnerships. As a representative of Discovery Latin America, Alberto Valls demonstrated that Discovery shouldn’t only be known for its top notch content, but for its equally notable corporate collaborations as well. During his talk, Valls also discussed some of his businesses current partners. Currently, discovery media is partnered with three smaller media companies in order to merge under the title Group Nine Media, which is now the 8th largest video producer in the world.


More recently, Discovery has cast its net even wider with its new, July 2017, Shark Week campaign. This year in order to promote this very special series, Discovery is partnering with:

 The Marriott brand for special early screenings in select locations around the New York and D.C. areas

 Live Love Polish for special shark week themed nail polishes with $1 from every purchase going to Oceana shark conservation efforts

 Cold Stone Creamery for its new “Great White Bite” and more


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