Customer Feedback and a Successful Business

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In an article about how to measure success in early entrepreneurship, Forbes writes, “It’s about getting feedback on what parts of your offering need improvement, and learning to turn feedback into a better product.” Customer feedback allows businesses to directly … Read More

LAB Staff in the Community

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After using it daily when she lived abroad, Communications Director, Ana Perez’s dependence on public transit was challenged when she moved back to Miami. Daniela Sánchez, another Miami native and urban planner, had a similar experience when she moved backRead More

Member Spotlight: Viviela Shoes

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This week’s spotlight is on fashionista, Mercela Meiado.

She wears many hats. She’s a Creative Director, Product Manager and Vice President of Viviela Shoes.  

Viviela Shoes was originally made for unique women with luxurious taste. Now, the London-based brand is refining … Read More