Brainfood Speaker Series Features M8

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Entrepreneurs and marketers of South Florida got together last week (10/17) at The LAB Miami in Wynwood to join a conversation with John Santiago, CEO of Miami-based digital advertising agency M8, angel investor and founder of early-stage business incubation Read More

Demographics, the Basis of Marketing

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Understanding who is buying your product, and how to correctly market to this consumer base, all start with demographics.

Demographics can include geographic area, age, income, race, gender, education level, etc. and allow businesses to define their target … Read More

Growth Hacking Free PR

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Promoting your business amongst a sea of endless advertising content can be both difficult and frustrating. Imagine a magical way to promote your business on major platforms, such as The New York Times and Bloomberg. Better yet, what if you … Read More

Finding the Right Market

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“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself,” said Peter F. Drucker. Peter was an educator and author in the 1900s who wrote books on management Read More

The Future of VR

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Technology has progressed significantly and more rapidly than ever.

A new piece of technology that is becoming more trendy is VR, or virtual reality. People usually utilize VR for gaming and entertainment purposes, but it is beginning to surface Read More

The Importance Of Branding Today

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I have always struggled to accurately represent myself when asked to “describe myself in five words,” but that is exactly what branding is. Every day thousands of entrepreneurs must decide the few words that will be used to market … Read More